Colorado Bound

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Tomorrow I leave bright & early (six o’clock to be exact) for Colorado to visit my boyfriend. It has been two, very long months since we have seen each other last, & I am so excited to be reunited with him. I get to meet his family for the first time, & we will be spending most of the week at a cabin near Breckenridge. If Colorado is as gorgeous as everyone says it is, I just may not come back.

I met my boyfriend in a very millennial, yet adorable, type of way. Last Christmas Eve, I was spending time with family, sitting around the dinner table sharing uncontrollable laughter with my siblings. My brother was showing me a few YouTube videos that he had discovered. One video he showed me was of two guys, dressed extremely nerdy, walking around a college campus & asking strangers if they could beatbox for them. Now, one of the guys in the video could perform a simple “boots & cats” beat, but what really blew me away was the second guy. Not only did I think he was very attractive right off the bat (especially the Hawaiian shirt tucked into khaki shorts), but the noises that came from his mouth gave me a complete eargasm. I knew what beatboxing was, but had never heard anything like THAT before.

I had to know who this guy was, & search for more videos showcasing his talent. I looked him up on Instagram (God bless), & there he was; Ozealous from Colorado Springs. I started looking through pictures, watching videos, just a little light creeping, & decided to start following him, not thinking for a moment he would even notice. Only a few minutes later, I got a notification on my phone that he followed me back, & I had an instant giddy, high school girl crush, stomach drop kind of feeling.

We spent the rest of Christmas Eve, & Christmas Day messaging back & forth. Then, he asked me if I had wanted to FaceTime with him one night. I agreed, although I was terrified, and we ended up talking for hours. After hanging up the phone with him that night, I knew this guy was someone special. We contacted each other every day via FaceTime for about a week before he asked me if he could fly out to Michigan to take me out for Valentine’s Day (this is where his brownie points started to accumulate). I had never been so nervous & excited in my life. I picked him up from the airport on February 11th, & the second I saw him, & hugged him, I just knew it was right.

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He has visited Michigan twice, for about a week & a half each time, & now it is my turn to visit his state. I’m excited for him to show me around Colorado, meet his friends & family, & hopefully squeeze in some brunch places because that is obviously always the first thing I research when traveling.

This man has brought such joy, love, & happiness to my life, all of which I wasn’t sure I would find in a relationship. I am so thankful for his love. . . & YouTube, & Instagram, & FaceTime, & all of the other millennial technology that makes anyone over the age of 40 cringe.

I have some very exciting news to share at the end of my trip as well! But, until then…



Brenna Kathleen

5 thoughts on “Colorado Bound

  1. Shelly says:

    This story is absolutely adorable!! I am almost positive you will enjoy every minute with Cody’s family!! I know first hand what an amazing and loving family they are since Dawn and I have been the best of friends since 4th grade!! Enjoy your time in beautiful Colorado!! I am excited for you both!!
    Hugs from Cody’s favorite auntie Shelly!!

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