Winchester- Grand Rapids, MI

Winchester is hands down my favorite restaurant in Grand Rapids. The atmosphere is artistic, welcoming, “a place where everyone knows your name” kind of spot. Appetizers, dinner, drinks, you name it, everything is amazing.

I frequent here (more often than myself, or my wallet would like to admit, actually) for brunch on Sundays for what they call “Hip Hop Brunch”, & it’s exactly what it sounds like; brunch with Hip Hop music. I usually sit up at the bar, because if i’m lucky Alex will be bartending & he can make me laugh until I’ve got champagne coming out of my nose.

Their menu is extremely creative, ranging from a #basicbreakfast (that’s exactly how it is on the menu, I love it), to their spin on the classic waffles & chicken, to my all time favorite; bloody mary hash skillet. Broccoli, sweet potato, manchego cheese, charred onion, bloody mary jus, shoestring potato, & a fried egg on top, served in a cast iron skillet. The flavor is amazing, however, ahem, I miss when they used to make it with brussels sprouts.

I usually drink champagne & pineapple juice, & Alex doesn’t let me see the bottom of my glass until I leave, God bless him. However, I noticed they had another pineapple drink on their menu, so I gave their “painkiller” a try. Pussers Navy Rum, orange & pineapple cordial, orange & pineapple juice, coconut milk, garnished with nutmeg & a pineapple leaf. If I close my eyes while drinking this, it’s almost like I’m on the beaches of Puerto Vallarta with my feet in the sand. Almost.

Whether you’re visiting Grand Rapids, or live here & somehow have never made it to Winchester (shame on you); stop in, eat, drink, stay for eight hours on a Sunday brunch. Not speaking from experience of course.



Brenna Kathleen

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