Lash Extensions

I’m just going to cut to the chase, lash extensions are God’s gift to women. Actually, that’s not true, He’s probably looking down on us thinking “well, I didn’t see that one coming”. Either way, they truly are life changing.

I became a certified Novalash Lash Artist in August of 2016, and that is the same time I started getting them done myself. Since getting them done, I no longer feel the need to wear makeup during the week, which allows me to focus on the health of my skin! I love that lash extensions help women to feel more beautiful, & encourages a more natural “makeup-less” look, while still looking put together! I work specifically with Novalash products, & what sets this brand apart from other brands, is the fact that their adhesive is oil resistant, & instantly waterproof.

Each extension is placed on top of an individual natural lash, & adhered with a medical grade adhesive. They shed along with your natural lashes (we lose an average of three lashes a day), so there is no damage caused. Since the extensions will shed along with your natural lashes, you will need to have a “fill” appointment every 2-4 weeks to keep them full.

Some tips to know before your first appointment:

  • Your first appointment will be 2-3 hours long, so be prepared to lay still!
  • Stay away from coffee the morning of your lash appointment! Eyes get very twitchy when caffeine is in your system!
  • There is the possibility of an allergic reaction, it is wise to get a “patch test” prior to your first appointment.
  • Remember light talking during the appointment. Moving your mouth & hands makes it very difficult to place a tiny extension on your lash with tweezers. I love my clients, but I swear sometimes I feel like I’m sitting back watching an exorcism before I can continue working.
  • RESEARCH YOUR LASH ARTIST. Say it with me, RESEARCH  YOUR LASH ARTIST. Most artists should have an instagram, check to see if they are certified, & look at pictures of their work to determine whether their style suits what you’re looking for.
  • Tip your lash artist. I know this can be an uncomfortable subject for some people, but I see it as showing your appreciation for the hard work & time your artist is offering you. 🙂


Feel free to comment any questions below!



Brenna Kathleen

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